10 May 2011

It's broken..`

If life was like a scene from a movie, I'd have it paused to the day I met you,

Forward it to the day you said 'I love you'.

Skip the arguments, play it slow through the kisses,

Play it all back over and over and over and over,

Till it comes to this part right here,

The part where this movie ends.

And the remote is no longer there,

Neither is the movie or the cd,

Its an empty room and a quiet house.


Bhav said...

life is sometimes just like a movie...but you get to write your own script sometimes..so :) go for it sabi

Anon1 said...

yeah movie was alright...forgot what it was called though..."click" i think ?

Saro said...

Bhav: Agreed!

Anon1: LOL im guessing it bombed at the box office..

Aashish Sood said...

veyr bleak ending! I loved it esp the playing over and over part!