28 November 2010


I've been thinking about what makes me angry about people. This generally revolves around what makes me dislike people, given, that I don't think I'm too fussy or judgmental as a person. Here are some examples of people I dislike. The main purpose of me putting it in here, is to cross check with all of you, on whether these are the types of people that you dislike too.. or if I'm just crazy.

  • Men who behave inefficiently. Like the sort that don't cook, don't iron, don't clean, don't run errands (pay bills), don't play sports but who think they know everything. My question is, when you don't do half the things everyone does, what makes you think you know anything at all?
  • Men who refer to a woman's body using any of the following adjectives: structure, figure (figaaaarrrr), plus one, minus 2 and so on. These are also the sort of men, who when driving would nearly crash into an oncoming vehicle because they're eyes were roaming.
  • Friends who want to know everything about you and earn your trust. Then when you least expect it, you hear from some one else, that this friend of yours has a boyfriend (that you didn't know about) or is married (that you didn't know about) etc. Unless you're frigging James Bond, why so secretive? Ok fine, you're a private person.. then why do you want to know everything about everyone else?
  • Women who forget they had a life before they had their significant others. The sort that you could have known all your life, to have them disappear on you completely, when they are in a relationship. The sort that would put the needs of the significant other, above and over everything else. I mean, really?
  • Women who play victim. Or Men who play victim. The sort that weave sad stories of their whole lives, such that you feel such sympathy for them that you know their life is so bad or people treat them so bad. This was a lesson for me, and a difficult one to learn. Somewhere in you head, you ask yourself WHY? Why do these sort of things only happen to THAT person.. and then you figure it out. It's that person that put themselves in situations where they can be taken advantage of. I mean, if you're an older woman dating a guy younger than you by 8 years, then it shouldn't be a shock, when he leaves you for a woman closer to his age or when he breaks up with you and the relationship does not work out. The only think you could be a victim of, would be your own out of the box imagination!
Ahhhhh.. feel better already :) So am I crazy?


Vimal said...

check, check, check and check. So, am I mental too?

Saro said...

Yup, we are both mentaloooos

Anonymous said...

hmmm ... that was pretty much everybody at some time or the other :P

Anonymous said...

since you are a animal lover...would you like to adopt a kitten ....i'v got 4 and looking for a "worthy" owner...im serious :)

Saro said...

Hi Anon, I would love to house a kitten though I don't think she/he would be safe in my house with our dog. He's not a fierce dog, but given I haven't seen him around cats it would be risky. I am wondering though, if you'd be willing get have one adopted by a friend of mine who has had several cats and i guess, and has a roaming male cat that increasingly doesn't come back home. I could ask them and if you're game, we can come kitty hunting :)

Anonymous said...

hey...got one more kitten of the 4 to be adopted....tired of fools who approach to get a pet and knows jack shit about animals...thanks for the concern...sorry for the delayed response, i rarely visit ur blog nowadays.

Saro said...

Oooh.. have you been busy with other stuff? let me check with my friend to see if they still want one and well we'll make it a date!

and yea, i remember i bought fish a while ago, and then brought them home and thought i'd start off taking care of some fish as well. they passed away within the week and i felt shit. then realized, that given i knew nothing about them, i had no business buying them in the first place.