20 November 2010

It's Me

When I shave my head bare, I know you'll watch the roots grow back with patience.

And if I choose to shave it again, you'll charge till you loose, and then watch them grow back.

When I clean your room, I know I'll find nothing,

Because everything you own, will be in mine.

It was black, then it went white till there was light and then some warmth.

Then there was a smile, some laughter and life.

Stone carvings moved, then danced and rejoiced.

The earth turned green, then different shades of blossom flowers.

The sky turned blue, and fluffy like cotton candy but white like fresh spun sugar,

And yes it rained crystal water tasting bland and simple but hot and chilly too,

But there were rainbows studded with buttons attached to strings that tied everything together...

It was not turning water to wine, but it certainly is a miracle of its own kind.


Anon1 said...

Wow....all this on top of ur shaved head??

Saro said...

YUP :)