27 September 2010

That man & his straw

I wonder some times, what the drowning man's last thought was, before he clutched that straw. Was it an act of foolish optimism, or was it an act of actual belief or did he clutch that straw because he was drowning and it was an act of desperation?

I'm that drowning man, I think, and I know what I'm about to do. I'm going to lie still in the water and let the currents suck me in. Because unlike the drowning man, I believe that if it is destined that I die, then I will die.

But when I see the straw sticking out right there, I start thinking that maybe that straw is there for a reason. That maybe it's an opportunity for me to embrace my destiny, and save myself. I begin to think, that I should resist the currents and cease the helpless descent into the unknown world of the dead.

But just as I clutch that straw, I know, that I will soon have a rendezvous with all the other things dead and long gone. And perhaps, the only consolation is that I get to take my straw with me as proof, that just before reality hit me hard on my face, and since I am a man, my balls, I was dreaming of a better tomorrow. And maybe that's what that man's last thoughts were, just as he was clutching that straw. And then maybe I'm not that different to that man and his straw.


Anonymous said...

dunno bout the man but i was clutching my ba**s trying to read wht u wrote there...u ought to change ur background color.

Cryptic Chaos said...

It is simply unadulterated desperation. When all reason without standard finds abandon in one specious moment of madness.

Saro said...

Lol.. Anon, background colour changed.. the whole blog's changed to a snazzier brain fried brightness. Hope you LOVE it :)

Crypto: There's beauty in that desperation isn't it. Probably one of the most hopeful, optimistic feeling that anyone could feel.