20 May 2010

Him & Her

I gave him a turtle
Slow and steady

He gave me a baby
Loud and noisy

I gave him language
Simple and easy

He gave me meaning
Deep and strong

We travel miles
Not moving at all

We live through days
Measured in seconds

My heart stops
His love remains

Our journey continues
Through a jungle of pain

Raindrops of tears
Clouds of sleepless nights

And time that envelopes
A sad letter with an ending

A letter head reads, "Heartbroken"


Sowmya said...


Its called completing each other. Once in a way, life blesses us by giving us a person that completes us.
And once in a way, it takes the person away... But love remains...

Mehak said...

lyrical poetry! touched my heart.. :)

Anonymous said...

hey..im back to jobless days..no havnt got a blog of my own :)...watsup with the poem?? wud love to see crazier stuff from u

Pramshanks said...

Brilliant. I too once had a turtle called Henry that I gave away... how much we traverse with the ones we love, without leaving our rooms ... or bodies...

Saro said...

Thank you all. I think this goes out to a man that's been there for me, through a lot of the things that life throws out.

Sowmya, you're right. they may be gone, but not much is forgotten. Sometimes a curse, but sometimes, it's just special.

mehak, thanks darl.

Anon: Welcome back! Unemployed, oh why?

Pram: Yes, how much love transcends everything. But it still amazes me how sometimes, something so wonderful is just not good enough.

hitesh rawat said...

aahhh.....loved it....simple..sweet....easy to comprehend and still hits hard.........

hope it was just a piece of fiction

Anonymous said...