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What If

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 7; the seventh edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

What if that match never struck, and the fires did not leap from the burner to catch on to your person and burn you down to the ground. Would you be the mother of three, owner of a house, wife of an innocent man?

Would I be the man that I am today, fighting myself inside bars, inspecting the thoughts that made me set the stage for your demise, for a little extra money, and a little extra pride?

That I now know, that you would, have done anything in your power to live the life you were lead to by a man matching stars and reading fates, does not mean, I can undo what I have done.

But I feel the example that I set and fate that I met, perhaps challenges daily those many men that think they can get away with that small inconvenience, called the poor wife.

I do hope you are well were you are, and that maybe in a different world, we could have that second chance to make it work.

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Sureindran said…
simple but depth in meaning. good job!
hey this is a good point made in less words...keep it up....:)
Mural! said…
Once again, very well written!

and also a very good cause that you are highlighting....
Shahid said…
I guess more of us should start writing about social issues like u did...keep writing and all the best for BATOM

pushpee said…
If only men understood women and learnt to respect, they would live in bliss...nice write up Saro....very deep!! :))
Vibhuti B said…
WOW Saro...
this is a superb expression on a major topic of concern to women..And I feel the style of writing is good too..theres a certain poetic flow to it that kept me reading on!!
Makk said…
Hope it will head for good.

Good post.
Shruti said…
Just before my BAT post I wrote a post on this Dowry thing! But how much ever we feel and try to change, the society is still laid back!
Anonymous said…
Simple and yet conveyed a ton of feelings...Good one..
Tanmaya said…
Simple but powerful ... good one.. Best of luck..
geeta said…
meaningful indeed..
gr8 work....
All the best for BATOM 7!!
Simple, short and compelling. Power micro-post ..
The West Wind said…
Short and strong.. people really need to realise things. Good post.. keep it up :)
Harsha Chittar said…
i like your narration, brings home the point without hammering it, good one.
Anonymous said…
Short and effective!!
Liked it gal!
If all women say "NO" to Dowry...things would surely have been different.
Raksha Raman said…
Nice effort to throw light on one of the many menaces that ruin many a women's life! Short and sweet! Good luck with BATOM!
Saro said…
Thank you very much everybody..for the support shown. I think dowry situations are on the decrease, thanks to good awareness, government support and more importantly the awareness that men have showed in this area.

Unfortunately though, I think that the law now can also be abused, to bias the man, by unscrupulous brides and their families.

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