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A week or so ago, got on the bike with a friend and went sight seeing. We were on the bike for a good four hours or so, and I ended up getting sunburns along my cheeks. Now I get why ladies use their shawls to cover their heads and faces. Here I thought, they did that because they were unhappy getting darker.

First we went on the new flyover connecting private traffic from Bommanahalli to Electronic city. And I spotted the Infosys building which I had never seen before. Quite a sight! Especially the sight of the background on the windows of the building.

Then we drove to
Central Prison, with it's vastness and grayness I was dissuaded from taking any snaps. Tried to google the same, but doesn't look like there is a pic that exists of the same.

Then we went into B
egur Road, to the 1300-year-old Sri Pancha Lingaeshwara Temple. Now in near ruin, desperately in need of a make over. Co-incidentally carvings on the temple are meant to have the first record of this city's name- Bengaluru. Given it's stature, I was surprised at its current state. We need to protect this heritage!

The evening settled and we ran into giant hanuman statue around HSR Layout. I'm unsure of where we were at this point, those of you more familiar with the area could give me some pointers of where this statue is located. It said something in Kannada, I'm sure it's one of the largest representations of the God, in some context. Just unsure of what context that would be.

Following the adventure of the day, we had lunch at this find rip off of KFC...BFC! It hosted specials like Zinker Burgers, and some originals like Filafils with garlic mayonaise.

I thought it was apt for us to cap the day off here, I thought BFC stood for Bangalore Fried Chicken.. but it was not to be. It stands for Bigboy Fried Chicken.. :(

So that was my Bangalorean Sunday Adventure. Plans for tomorrow may have Nandi Hills.. which I have never been to. Crossing fingers and hope it happens!


Mural! said…
I've seen that BFC before :D There's a counter even in Garuda Mall's foodcourt!
Saro said…
That's strange, I've never seen it at all. Mmmmm Need to get out more often :)
hitesh rawat said…
man....BFC....haven't heard of it.....
well also i can say that the nandi hill trip didn't went well huhhh...or else you must have blogged abt it......

it's good you got to see the different parts of Benagluru....atleast a good start....i'm more confined to South Benagluru.....

aceStreamin said…
im a patron of BFC(live rite next to other go)....on the chefs good day,the chicken and fries beats KFC hollow.
Saro said…
Hitesh: I didn't go to Nandi hills.. plan got scrapped, didn't think it was wise to get on the road and go so far with the muthalik incident.. especially to a place known for its love birds. And yea, dude, Bangalore is so BIG!

ACE: I can't seem to get to your blog and also no waaaay! KFC rocks, especially original recipe. but then again, I'm sure even the chef doesn't know when his good day is. Lol. So when it does happen, this once in a blue moon affair, gimme a holler and i'll rush over.
Hitesh said…
hey ...Muthalik got his face painted black one of the youth congress member.....that was awesome video....

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