17 January 2010

A week

This week's been a quick one.

As: is leaving to Australia. We feel that it is about time this happens, given her recent trouble with people in general.

Bw: is sad, but met X after a long time. We hung out for a bit trying to get some things designed for Asra.

X: got in trouble with the cops last night, for drink driving. Needs to go release his bike from the police station today. I have a question though, since the maximum offense for driving drunk is Rs 2000, why can the police seize your bike? It's value far outweighs the fines imposable, unless the point is to have the driver deemed unsafe to drive on the roads. In which case, considering the legal limit is 30 mg/100 ml, then why not just wait till your alcohol levels fall to the limit required and then take your bike home.

N: Is off to Delhi, we hope it's better for her than Bangalore is.

Mariyam is down from Nepal, catching a flight to Maldives soon, but she thought she'd pop over here before going home. Think we're all meant to go out for dinner tonight.

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