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Things we should know

I was chatting with a friend's mom over Christmas, and she happened to mention a workshop that she planned to do for the young. The idea was to teach young people basic things, like putting in a light bulb. Or fixing leaking taps, things us city kids know nothing about. Coming to think of it, I don't even have the name of a plumber/electrician on my phone. And I have a lot of numbers.

Another thing I think we need to get educated on, are things like declaring tax. What sort of saving options are available, what saving money in the post office means as opposed to going to invest in the stocks. Yes, those of us with those fancy MBA degrees would know, that's my guess, I don't have one. But what about those who chose to get other degrees. The thing is, we rely on the media to educate us. Everyone knows brand names, across businesses, be it ICICI Prudential or HDFC Top 200. But how many of us know Fixed Maturity Plans, or hedge funds. We know what we choose to listen to from our parents, but do we have the ability to judge for ourselves. Do we have that financial awareness?

A crazy person a couple of weeks ago, chased up a dog near the house, and started hammering the dog dead with the branch of some tree. He (the dog) died in front of my house, and being the owner of a dog myself, I felt all the rage. Unfortunately, I could not mobilize myself quick enough from the horror of what I had witnessed, and when I did, I did not know what I could do. To bring this crazy man to justice. Was I to call the police? How would I make sure he sticks around? Was I to take his name? If so how would I know he wasn't lying? Could I take a picture of his face with my phone? How did I know that wasn't invading a common man's privacy? Another area we, the young, need some education on is the legal rights of the common citizen. I was rendered helpless, so all I could do was yell at the man, and watch him as he tailgated away blabbering something in Kannada about how the dog had bitten his child.

These are just some of the things I've found myself lacking in. I think I speak for a certain section of those my age. Curious, how many of you find yourself lacking? And more importantly, what are you doing to change it?


Anonymous said…
The dog seems lyk a mad 1. Otherwise, y wud a man purposefully catch n kill it. Hez got a strong reason tho, its his child for G sake. Albeit he shdnt hav killd the dog, mst hav got it vaccinated or sth, bt luks lyk vengeance prevaild.
you wer ofcourse talkin in a diffrnt contxt, bt I just wantd to say, being a hater of dogs. Reminded me of how those crazy dogs gruesomely murdered my pet once.
Saro said…
Your right there Neo, I don't think anything justifies a killing, the dog at the hands of the men, or your pet's death at the hands of the dog.

On a note though, I'm just wondering why his child was hanging around in an area where it was at risk of being mauled by a dog. I mean, I thought parents need to ensure kids are placed in safe places and still keep an eye on them always!
Anonymous said…
Its pretty simple though.
The child could be of any age, say 10. Not always can parents let a child of that age not play on the streets. It could just be a stray dog though.
Albeit, therz no point in talking about this. Coz it just leads on to adebate. Again the responsibility falls on the municipality for making sure of such dogs and blah blah...
Wotever, You take care!! ;-)
and your statement 'Nothing Justifies a Killing', awesomely ROCKED !!
Y? said…
I don't think anything justifies a slow and cruel murder. He could have reported the dog to the authorities but then we know how things go in bangalore. I think it is true what you say about our generation. We've had it easy but there is a lot we don't know that our parents did.

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