26 January 2010


I'm not saying don't help Haiti, all I'm saying is, just because everyone tells us that Haiti needs help all the time, doesn't mean that it is the place that needs the most help from everyone.


Zubair said...

But still, its among the poorest countries present in the world. And with such a disaster to bear, and 50000 thousand lost lives, just imagine the extent of help needed by them. Of course, there are lots of other needy people, bt considering Haiti's emergency, I really think people should comeup with help..
I havnt done my part though.. Am a sad!

Saro said...

Yes, they definitely need help. But helping shouldn't need marketing, advertisements and endorsements by Hollywood and the rest of the world. It could be you spending an hour a week or a month teaching the blind braille. So maybe you haven't helped the Haiti cause, but there are so many causes. Lend a hand and see the difference, it doesn't have to be Haiti because everyone says so right?