27 January 2010

The crazy love story

Once upon a time, there was a girl and a boy. They met on the first day of life, and over time they fell in love. They loved each other, or so the girl thought, but she never was sure of her love for him or he for her. They held hands and walked the parks, the rose bushes and had their first kiss under the Holy Tree of Forever Love.

The girl she thought, that this love would never end, but a special sprite, full of jealousy at the happiness they created hid whilst they were walking and created the illusion of another love for the girl. And seeing this, the boy grew doubt in his heart and unable to bear to watch the love fading away, she threw the boy aside. Hurt beyond the means to bear it, she crumpled into a mass of mud and lost her shape.

Through hard times and hot times, she grew harder. Slowly, a more brazen, bold and thorny girl arose. She covered
herself in nettles, and thought that by showing the world what it had showed her, she would expose the injustices in the world.

Then with more wrong turns, she realized that the nettles and thorns were but a show. The real lay inside her heart, soft and still shaken from her lost love. The boy would never look at her again, so she carried half her broken heart in her pocket and wandered onto wilderness.

There in the jungle, she met a unicorn, some magic, a short fairy and together they forged a new life filled with adventures. She met many more creatures of the fantasy world, worked hard and loved herself as much as her life.

And one day she met a troll, right next to the troll she found the boy. And the boy would not look at her still, and he did not acknowledge her. She asked him what had ever happened that angered him so, and yet he would not say anything.

So she told him, that she forgave him. With that he turned around, and she felt his presence always, but never felt his gaze on her again.


The Solitary Kid said...

Hmmm...Why do I get this feeling that this story is somehow intertwined with your own life? Or is just another arbit story? :)

Saro said...

ha ha you feel right :) I was attempting one of those fairy tales that are laced with sarcasm, unfortunately didn't have enough venom to feed it..

Mural! said...

probably, but then you have a good imagination,
but still.....unicorns.....really? you didn't get any other companions?

Saro said...

I love unicorns! I think of all the mythical animals Ive ever heard of, unicorns have caught my fancy the best.. what do you like more?