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An Argument

I reason with the sun as it rises. Like locusts over a cornfield, the new light spreads over the open field of devastation. And it is here, in front of me I find myself surrounded with tragedy. Open wounds bleed black blood, the field littered with the bodies of thousands who have before me died. Look, at the man with pus pockets on his paled, bloated, waxy body. And that woman there her legs impaled together by the broken arrow of a savage man. And I inhale the putrid smells of the mass open grave, no flowers on headstones, no grieving tears. Just an open surgery without anesthetics.

I walk, over pus pockets, impaled carcasses and blue lips. I smell the decaying air, taste the iron from the human composite pit. I feel the lumps under my feet, crackling silently and I only feel alone. It’s time to break down, I swallow the vomit rising and hold back the tears. Inside my head I hear silent screams, I can feel something slipping away. I question, if that is humanity. Maybe it is something more. Maybe it is nothing.

This is a war after all.


A most putrid reality indeed. I often feel that our gravitation towards conflict is a consequence of mass unconsciousness and deluded individuality.
Cryptic Chaos said…
A broken down conscience
A disfigured life
Torn apart in apathy
When its already belittled by fear.

Wonderful post..
Zubair said…
Beautifully crafted...
I tho simply loved it..
"who's who" on the way to list this on its publications..
Adi said…
Hideous. But then there is always the case of a 'just war' and sometimes humanity has to endure harsh-isms for its own good. A stunning paradox of what we have become and what the future has in store.
Mural! said…
very nicely written.....
Aneet said…
"HA HA HA HA HA fellating in the parking lot? that's probably one of those words that have a non-meaning huh aneet!

And on graduate school.. trust me, if you ever thought that life was twisted when in coll.. welcome to the real deal, like stepping out of a lane into the highway.. look left n right before you cross, or get run over...

On the other hand, congratulations on graduating at all!"

Thanks for dropping by. I haven't graduated yet, I've been in grad school for close to four years now! You?
Saro said…
Shanil: Yes, that and the fact that we like to gravitate towards a better world :)

Nav: Strange how the whole thing combined with your piece sounds mournful, and aptly too.

Zubair & Mural: Thank you

Adi: "Just War" I feel is one that leaves the citizens alone and finds only those committed to war, like soldiers. There is definitely a functionality for war, not many issues though justify that rationale.

Aneet: I could swear the post read you graduated! I believe that you entered graduate school when I left it :) So been working hard too, on this end of the world!
Sowmya said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sowmya said…
The entire history of human civilization is a story of wars and struggles for one reason or another.

That which appears to be the cause of war is just a misleading excuse.

The hungry stomuch has always been at the root of it all.

Economic equality is the only solution. But in a world befallen by capitalistism, the chasm can only get wider and wider.
Saro said…
I'm not sure about the hungry stomach sowmya. I mean, there have been wars for religious supremacy (The Crusades), wars for power (Vietnam), War for 'love' (The Trojan War), War for revenge (WWII with the Germans)...

It just seems, every excuse becomes a reason, tangible & justified. And should I add, behind every war, is a whole populace's support. A country rallying for anothers misery. As Shanil mentioned, putrid reality indeed.

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