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Mr Fidel

It's been a long, hard and difficult week. I think I've learnt so much this week, it's felt like a month. My little love, Fidel was taken to the vet on Monday because he'd eaten stones and they were making him sick. I took time off work to see, amongst other things, his blood for the first time, when thet game him IV.

On Wednesday, he shat something that looked like a body part (which turned out to be his stomach lining) covered in blood, and I panicked. I'd spent two hours of Tuesday evening force feeding, cajoling him into eating one scoop of ice cream. I got to the doctors, and I was not alone. Nt the whole night, with everyone that was anyone there, and the doctors decided that Fidel needed to spend the night thtere, for an X Ray, blood tests and other things that would determine whether or not the stones would be flushed out on their own, with help or if it was, the last option- surgery.

Thursday the results came out, and surgery it was. The vet also asked me if Fidel was circumcised, and he wasn't. And then we realized that he suffered a genetic condition, that would make him infertile, where his testicles had not descended and were still somewhere in his body. I found this amusing, because I was still unsure of whether neutering was to be the right thing for him.

The surgery took two hours, I went it for some of it. The doc explained the intestine to me, ofcourse using Fidel's intestine that was lying out on the table like a prop. Showed us the stones (Bhav was with me, along with Nandu n Ray). While traumatizing me (it took me a couple of minutes to adjust to the smell, the sight and the blood)- it helped to understand, this little thing, that I loved, that couldn't speak and didn't show any pain.

I went to see him yesterday, and he's doing well. Took him for a quick walk, spent time with him while they gave him his drips. He was barking about the fact that he had to stay there, I can bring him home in a couple of days.

So this is my long week. I hope my last long week.


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