15 April 2009


Imagine Ms Bubbly cute, talking and romancing the love of your life. Everyone loves Ms Bubbly cute, what a lovely, sweet girl, they say. Even you, in all the envy, jealousy, sadness & anger, can't find anything to say to her, sinking to a menial, atleast I'm prettier than her.

What is it about Bubbly cutes that intimidate power women? Is it because they tend to hold your loves with their 'cuteness', which is less meritable than all the hard work that you have put in to make yourself the power woman that you are?

Is it their easy disposition and trust that everyone in the world will treat them fairly, if not equally, that threatens the power woman, who works for equality every day?

Or is it the simple reason, that your loved one is romancing Bubbly cute, when it should be YOU?

I hate nightmares. Hopefully they don't sink to reality, or people are going to DIE.

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