13 April 2009

Easter- Resurrection?

So there was a day 3 for Goa, but I really can't go through the leaving bit again. Needless to say it was a fun trip :) Thailand seems to be an option for the end of the year *cross fingers* hope that works out.

Prospective New Husband: Will your past, affect your future with me?
Me: No
Ex Flame: "new statement/ declaration of love"
Me: No answer, cause dammit, I want it.

So that's thrown life a bit off course. I can't ignore THE STATEMENT, when it feels so good to hear. But things that are good to hear, aren't necessarily true. In my head, I know that this pronouncement could be the result of anything, out of which only one is love.

It could be guilt, from a fling that they've had that I don't know about. It could be insecurity, at where their life is heading. Or it could just be a statement, with no real meaning behind it. Or it could be one, meant sincerely.

The fact that I have to second guess it, and the fact that I can't take it at face value, would be the result of my intuition. And maybe it's about time I trusted it, after all the recent badgering it's been getting for not showing up when required.

So I remain true to my word, prospective future husband. I meant NO, and I guess as long as life appeals to my better person, it will always be a NO.

On the side: Happy Easter All. Wish we could go egg hunting together or egg decorating!

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xoxo said...

Thailand hey? I might be there visiting my parents. Let me know if it works out.