12 February 2009

Valentines 'a' Malik!!

So Pramod Muthalik (Sri Ram Sena) threatened that his bunch of hooligans will go around Bangalore and find couples who are in the act of celebrating Valentines Day and get them married by a walking priest with santhoor.

So all the people in this country, who believed in the constitutional right to love and show love (many of whom were women!!!!!! wooohooo!!!!) refused to get into a debate on the man's sutpidity and instead said, that they will send Pink Chaddy's (pink underwear- like Cupid) to the man. Another campaign to consider, is the one where we send Valentines Cards in the thousands to the man (especially since he threatened that his men would go to the shops and stop the sale of the cards).

Happy to report, that both campaigns are going quite well! Who said starvation is the only peaceful way to fight peacefully...(link)

And hence modern India battles the stupidity of self proclaimed 'CULTURE EXPERTS'!!!!!

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