09 February 2009


I havent written a proper post here in ages. Valentines day coming up, and we have the Sena raging war on modernity. Lets throw the constituition in the bin while we enjoy our lonely Sena affected lives at home this Saturday.

How can a bunch of hooligans tell us what to do? I won't go into that. But what I can say is, that they can only tell us what to do, when we listen to them. Until we listen to them, we are not their puppets & neither do they hold the string that control us.

I'm not sure why, but lately I see how everything in this world is connected. Everyone is fighting or resisting something, I can't remember the last person that I met who was unaffected. I wonder if this is the effect of education or increased awareness, where everyone has their beliefs and when their beliefs are threatened they feel a need to defend.

Things have been turbulent on this planet lately. A big lesson was learnt the weekend before last- or maybe I should say re-learned- dont drink alchohol straight out of the bottle & don't rely on anyone. Funny how the past repeats itself, and time makes you react differently to the same situation- I guess we all have our learning curves.

I also had a dream. That triggered a cascade of sweetened memories, the sort that's hazy around the edges and looks like it's been photo-shop'd. If I had any artistic talent, I'd put it up on Hallmark, and make money. But it also triggered an emotional storm, that I'm still weathering out. Hopefully, it's temporary!

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