21 February 2009


I don't know who all these other sabitha's are or what they do. I wonder if they share my life or if any part of their life mirrors mine.

Through the search descriptions I know one plays tennis and she was 16 in 2007. I know a lot of their namesare spelt without the h's. How can we think of ourselves as being unique, when even our names are shared.

i've been heavy hearted lately. there's so much going on that I haven't addressed. I'm finding it difficult to cope with so much sadness, so many expectations broken. I guess, in many waysi'm just waiting for something good to happen.

In the shadow of happiness, I hope to sort all this negativity. I find this whole jig over whelming, and inside I feel this very strong desire to yell or turn myself inside out. Purgeall my memories, and badnessess. I want to run away, unscathed. I feel trapped, so manylines to follow, this straight road is not for me.

Eagerly looking forward to a breath of fresh fresh air.

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