24 February 2009


I'm sitting here, trying to think of something new to write. Some different, that I haven't talked about before, but honestly, life seems to be going round in circles. For me anyways, or rather, when we think of the different things that one can feel.

There are so many things that I still have to do and want to do, like sky dive & para glide & have a baby & get married, things that I want to experience. But I've realized in the past few days, while the things that we do may be new, we're only going to feel the same old emotions. What can be different about them, would be the intensity or the tenure, but in essence happiness in itself is not novel.

Ofcourse, there may be one of two things that are yet to be experienced. Like the feeling that people get, when they say they have a kid, about how they find it hard to believe that they could ever love someone.something as much as they do their new born baby. Or maybe, the grief that comes with loosing the same child that gave you so much happiness. But I can't help but feel, that even these emotions are only going to be the same ones that we've experienced before.

Like an old marker, with fresh ink. The realization of this, has some how taken the mint from the mint leaves, the zest (albeit subdued) from the orange and the love of life from me. I guess I am more emotional and heart bound that most people give me credit for :)

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