13 October 2008


and some would call it stalking...

I was wondering given it's around grad time (thanks bhav for posting pics and reminding me that we DID infact go to Uni), what everyone that I knew were up to. Like careers and the sort. And then I realized that I did infact go to Uni with some interesting people.. and I noticed, those that did my course, were 'complicated'. Here's a sample of the About Me's on facebook...

I like red, pigs, and coffee

trying to make peace and live with Hyphenated identities.

do not assume that the information on this page can sum up an anecdote of my
entire person

An extremely boring man (a.k.a. an extremely bald man). I too am the Walrus

context defined multiple selves in a singular cerebral space
What is the concept of "me"? Is it my existence? But I cannot exist without my
experiences. So what then is the concept of "me"? Is it my experiences? But I
also cannot experience if I do not exist.And while I might debate forever in
attempting to figure out what "me" is, it doesn't require much to figure out
what "me" is not. "Me" is not "you".

I'm eccentric, psychotic, and chaotic..

And this is how far we are connected, the lot of us that did communication. We did a degree in communication, and some where along the way we got lost, in definitions and more importantly the need to redefine and reset the contexts of the text around us. We understand what the other is speaking even if we do not know the meaning of the words they use, because we think alike. We contradict, because we say so much. A defination is a limitation for the multiplicity that is embedded in our thoughts, ourselves and even our actions.

And there you have it, my piece of thought in the Commie Pie :) And advance apologies to anyone who may object to their 'about me' being featured here. And you know when I say that, I am referring to YOU.

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