12 August 2008


I realize that sometimes this world is just unfair. And what I know is thinking you're getting a bad cut of the meat is only going to make you pity yourself and more importantly end up thinking that you are inefficient at playing life's games. Not to mention, you end up, postively re enforcing your position, which is like hurling shit up the fan when you know that it is only going to come and hit you right back.

I am no buddha, I don't know all. Especially how to fix things once you realize such 'pearls of wisdom'. Though I've never been one to encourage an elevated sense of self, finding something to ground your thoughts on, and then holding out on your own to your thoughts should eventually account for a sense of flagship. And with the number of people in this world, it's only a matter of time before someone else parks their flag right next to you, because they feel the same way about things.


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