02 May 2008

the red nailed bitch dips her finger into your mouth, and as you suck it, she removes it out and trails her nail on your face, down your chest. when you close your eyes, you find yourself bobbing with the waves, your small boat. moving slowly away from the island that is me. you cant see me, but i'm watching you from behind all the trees and peeping over the rocks.

as you drift, i look around. this isolation nauseating. i will not, i know, ever see you again. renegading on a promise made from false hope. and just when i want to cry for you so far away, so quick, you open your eyes and look at the bitch getting closer to your manhood. and you forget, that i was ever there, and enjoy the feeling of her stroke and her purr.

and while your whore away, i sit with the darkness closing in all around, my sunburnt body caressed by the gentle sting of salty water all over my body. and as the water swims over my face, i run out of the strength to stay afloat, i give up. i open my eyes too now, and look at the life around me.

don't you understand? you left me stranded, you left me first. with you gone, i had no choice. i had to wake up.

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