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In the past few weeks, I've realized something. Something that's been at the back of my mind for a long time now.. which essentially, is the concept of 'power'. When I use the word, I look at the meaning of power through the eyes of the person who's been yielded or subjected to this 'strength'.

When someone's yielded you, or has the power to direct your moves, it is really a matter of perception. Now we all know, that for A to have a meaning, there is a heavy reliance on the corresponding binary, as an example, B to be defined. I know i'm bordering on esoterism here, so to make a little more sense.. for something to be 'above', there needs to be something that is 'below' it. So if someone were to declare men were superior, they cannot be superior unless they have something to be superior to..

To continue with the same logic, for someone to be strong or powerful, there needs to be another who is neither. And I find, we often let those who seem more 'whole' or 'complete' as compared to us, dominate us. We find that their life has more meaning that us, or rather, they are better at meandering through life, decoding the codes with ease. The same codes that leave us confused or restricted.

Hence we actively opt, as opposed to passively accepting, to guest star in someone else's life, because we find ours relatively lull. Coming to my point, if this is true, and everything I know so far tells me that it is.. when we want to weaken the hold of those who dominate or yield us, we need to actively deconstruct them.

Pull them apart into bits, erase the line that connects the dots, and disconnect ourselves from the notion that they are more complete that ourselves.


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