11 January 2008


Sunil, one of the managers in the team trying to help one of the ladies sort out her tax returns.. watch and learn time.. ;)

It's the time of the year again when millions of Indians around the country file for tax.

The company I work in, we document out bills on the computer the whole year round, and now is the time to submit the actual receipts into drop boxes and provide proof also that this was claimed the whole year out. Investment receipts, declarations and claims.. ARGHHHH

I do understand why people sweat it out over hours to do these things. It;s all a matter of trying to retain some of the money that u've worked ur arse off trying to earn. Once again ARGH!!

And ofcourse, God help you if it just so happens that for some reason, on the last day to submit these claims your password locks you out of the computer. ARGHHHH!

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