23 December 2007

Drowning and clutching

It's the time of the year again, when all of us bloggers the like sit down and reflect on the year that's gone by. And think of all the things we want this new year to bring.

This year has been both sweet and bitter, gentle and callous... grotesque and beautiful. I don't know where else to place it but to slide it in, like a bookmark in a book.. as a year that I'd rather forget for all the bad things, and remember the good things.

To all who have been with me this time round, I love you. And to all who will not be here anymore, I will miss you. And for those who I'm going to see a lot more of (hopefully), I am looking forward to seeing you so much.

Special mention to two housemates and a friend who are getting married nxt year, first up, PRIYA CONGRATS!!!!

.. and to the second bride and the third bride.. we'll be sure to mention you, when ur dates come closer ;).

xoxo (gg style fr once.. mansi i know u understand)


And for the rest of you MERRY X MAS N HAPPY NEW YEARS!!


dD.diyana said...

happy new year sayang!

mansi said...

hahah of course i do!

happy new year! xoxo