04 November 2007


i know why they get addicted to u now. i know why i loved you so much before.

ur smell and ur taste. the way u make my head whirl.

i'm going to miss you so much when u have to go.

for now i'll remember u for what u are to me.

you helped me remember why i did the things i did before.

how sometimes we are just as ill suited for our lives as sugar on diabetic lips.

and when u come amidst smoke. and i brace myself for you.

and when i embrace you. you make me feel like i am, what i think.

and i remembered our conversation when we met the very first time. how we spoke and spoke till early in the morning. and how we both knew we had to give this a shot. and it felt like we were in a movie. and u told me that you loved me on the staircase on your knees. there was moonlight, there was breeze and we were both intoxicated.

and then it ended.

and i forgot why we began. and i remembered yesterday.

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