29 October 2007


So many times the people we love have said words can't express the way they feel about us. Yes, it is true. So many times we are limited by language, from expressing what we adaquately feel. We find it difficult to believe that the overwhelming emotion that we feel inside us can be measured and disseminated to others through just words.

And we actively insult the only means by which we say to those we feel strongly about, that we care and that we are there. It is about time we feel as we know, that while our communication skills may never measure up to our emotions, it is only through communicating we're ever going to sort out the breaks and gaps we know we have.

And when we cant find a word, lets borrow from the languages around us- they do perhaps emote better than the ones we use commonly. Like saudade- a portugese word to describe a longing for something that may never return, that we hope mindlessly will defy norm and return to us anyway.

It is not the same as nostalgia. It is not the same as missing something. It is longing, fatalistically and self destructively for the ones that you love to return to you. From their graves or the make shift graves they've dug themselves into.

If u understand, then its taken that I have communicated to you, how i really feel about you.

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