12 April 2007

Off Annie, Azim and Alliteration

Bend over and take it in the back like a good girl Annie.

And Annie got screwed.

Well, wasn't Annie happy?

It was a necessary evil for necessary pleasure.

There's aplenty that's necessary, bt at what cost or pain are you getting it?

And is it worth it?


Azim Premji's little story....

A couple of alumni students met up at a professor's house to catch up. While they caught up on life and their work in general, conversation turned to bickering. As each student was tempted whine about their line of work, their cars, their house, their spouses. The quiet professor watching all of them left the living room and soon returned with a couple of cups of coffee.

There were expensive crystal cups, silver cups and exquisite cups... and also amongst them some glass cups and cheapo plastic ones. And each student picked their favorite form of glasses and just as they were to sip their cups of coffee, the professor looked at all of them...

And said, "As is human mentality, it's very likely that each of us wants what's best for us. WE picked the glasses that we wanted and liked, but what we really want, is to drink the coffee. Essentially, the cups are nothing but the holders of the coffee."

And so Azim says.. If the coffee is our life, and the cups are our societal holders, be what it may be... jobs, placements, success.... , it's best to always remember to compare our cups to the cups of others so much, that we forget to enjoy the coffee.


Respond, don't react.

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