30 March 2007

Conversations with Self


Happy Birthday JANEY!!!!!!

So many birthdays this month...

I'm tired as hell

(now cross fingers and hope our darling remembers her user name)

I want vacation on Easter break

I want Devbagh

Are u ppl listening???

I want shopping

I will not crib

Yea, what's the story ppl???

Hey any one wanna guest write on my blog.. annonymity will be granted... lemme knw..

It's hot in Bangalore.. and it's not even proper summer yet.. and there are no mangoes yet, there is no water.. there is no electricity...

I'm working this weekend... n the nxt week till the easter break... cut short one day by Saturday

I want the beach. Fresh NON-DUSTY air



Now that all that's out... The Indian cricket team's been at the butt end of most jokes in this country... sad to say.. for when they left they were heroes.. who when they came back were well.. zeroes...

It's sad actually. What's sadder though is that the National Sudoku Championship.. and any story pertaining to the Indians participating in it, comes under the sport section of the damned news paper.. I want to write in.. asking them why Sudoku or rather when Sudoku became a sport??!!!


Personally... on the personal front.. There's an upcoming office party... at a some place I keep forgetting... it's a first.... cross fingers


Confession: I got three kids to clean out the back garden/yard... two were 9 n the third one that kindda watched n tried to help bt wasn't allowed to.. was 5... Is that child labour? They asked for work.. and well I gave them something to do that had to be done but no one at home wanted to do... and paid them with some money n food..

Repeat: Is that child labour?

Cz if it is... I want to know, baby sitting kids.. is that considered child labour when it's a ten year old that does it?

So what of the babysitters club? How about walking dogs?

1 comment:

dD.Diyana said...

I've been having beer twice a week here and I'm starting to feel guilty about the flabby tummy i have.

I think it wouldn't be a child labor if you keep to your mind that you are just helping the kids with all your heart.

i miss you.
i will email you soon.