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There are a lot of small things that are starting to bug me.. just little things, like bugs under ur skin, that u can feel crawling... and u wanna get rid of them, but u can't reach out and grab them and chuck them aside.. sorta like that

- A friend says he spent the whole day today replacing the light bulbs in his appartment, cz some of them were out and he's got some time to spare these days, so he thought why not?

And I realized that were I to be him, I wouldn't know how to do that.

- which reminds me of the time DD n I got stuck with a flat tyre in Subang, and while we figured the tools in the trunk of the car had something to do with fixing the tyre, and tried our hand at using them.. two minutes in the hot sun, in front of Ming Tien, we thought a phone call should fix it. And two of DD's frens from Uni came over and fixed it in a jiffy.. meaning they changed the tyre with a spare tyre, and drove us back to the hostel..

And i decided that I ought to know how to do that. And Nikhil tried to teach me, in theory on his gigantic landie.. and I did learn, honest.. and I surfed the net, found some site with a picture by picture explanation.. and I wanted to try it out, like do a practical but no one wld give their car... so I still technically don't know how to. Which is disturbing.


And the other thing that's buggin me are suspicions stemming from curiousity... like the "I WANT TO KNOW WHAT WAS GOING ON THEN!" sort.. but I shall resist.

Another thing that's bugging me.. the too soon approaching VALENTINES DAY. No explanations needed on that front..

Solutions to things that bug me: (and also wish list fr yr 2007):

1. You (u know who you are)
2. Wantan Mee
3. Nasi Lemak
4. A day long massage
5. Eva Longoria's body ( I want mine to be like hers, not I want her body)
6. An electrician n a mechanic n a car..
7. My girlies( u knw who u are)



dD.Diyana said…
Dear sabitha,

you are missed even more when u write about my car's flat tyre.

when we're on the run is when trouble comes.


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