26 June 2006

Mmm.. the 21st

Fuck.. I'm 21 and well thanks loads to everyone there at the party... i think it did wonders to my concept of celebrating non-birthdays instead of birthdays...

Abdullah: u were meant to leave!

Bhav: I've said my piece, thanks so much.

Davin: Traitor forever.. ha ha

DD: from right under my roof!

Hiro: Superman

Iskandar: Surprise

Jane: Gombak really.. Rajiv made it for mine :)

Loshini: Yay!

Nikhil: Sweetie.. muax muax

Rajiv: U made it.. he he he

Sarah: Thank u so much

Sanjana: The "single's" couch

Shida: All the way from cheras, sweeeet

Suet: Drunkard...

Sujan: Wassup nigga

Ujval: Your spirit was hovering over us..:)

Yamu: Akka!


Those weren't really comments bt wt the hell..

Thoughts abt turning 21: no difference really.. nt a cinderella transformation atleast
Surprises: They're pleasantly nice, altho the first couple of mins are crucial.. take a deep breath n handle it :)
Year ahead: Looks like a good year save some bad things
On friends: they have better memory compared to family.. well mine atleast

Just surprised.. all those who were here last year have taken a back seat, except the two constants... amazing.

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