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Field trips meant the man could take shelter from tht rain and run inside their little shack and wait up till the children came and he shook his hand with each and everyone of the tiny little hands till he couldn't stand without feeling the faint jittering in his legs. He welcomed them with a huge fake smile that came right from deep within. He hated his life and he hated the man that he thought he had become. Foul and perverse, a life half lived in an insane desire to up those who were around him. SO the next morning as he wakes up from a busy dream, he stuffs the pockets of emptiness around his wife's body with left overs of his warm blanket. Her body like the filling of puffy blanket pastry. He tip toes to the ledge of the window and edges his toes past the ledge and tips his body into freefalling. Soldier Number One Out.


Out of sheer boredom she wanted to loose her virginity soon and the sooner it was lost the sooner she had one less thing to do. She wanted to loose it to the man her mother had brought home saying that he was her boyfriend, why they couldn't share eluded the young girl. She lies on the couch at night, drawing up images in her head of her nipples being suckled by that man, and him gently chewing the softness around her nipple. Her fingers were where she imagined his to be, and as she came she thrust her thumb forward, to warmth and wetness. And as she flings her hands upward in the air, she brings downwards a knife right into her navel. She believes she can feel the tip of the knife poking into the finger inside her vagina. She feels wet, this time with blood all around her. She closes her eyes as she brings the knife back upwards and brings it down on her trachea. She thought she'd die if she couldn't have him. That's as far as making a point as she could.


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Where to get Rosemary, Sage, Basil, Thyme in Bangalore?

There was a time in Bangalore when finding exotic herbs involved a trip to some remote farm in Ooty and finding out their supply route to Bangalore.

Thankfully, much has changed.

Look what I found at Namdharis..namely the one on M.M road, off Mosque Road, Fraser Town.

I felt like a kid in a candy store! Recipes to what I've used them for, to follow!! 

I recall seeing a collection of the same, in 1 MG Road, opposite Taj Vivanta as well, in case that is closer to you.

PS. I also found thyme, but I forgot to photograph it. Got all the herbs + salad leaves for Rs. 105

Off Products Available in India: Not Tested on Animals- India

A while ago, I turned vegan. It took me three months, to turn myself out of it, but I can safely say, that that experience changed the person in me. It started off with this documentary  and hit me hard. Possibly, owning a dog made a difference, the fact that I know him and have realized that 'they' deserve better.

Anyhow, I've never looked at a piece of chicken the same way. I couldn't keep myself vegan, so I've done the best that I can do, given my shoddy will power. It's not much, but it is something, and honestly, it's not debatable. No camel, elephant rides. No zoos or circuses, wool, leather, feathers or shells. I'm leaving them alone, materially.

And the most recent change has been with cosmetics and toiletries. I was luckier when I started off a couple of months ago, that I am now. The stock of products that I've had, has run out, and where before I was looking for shampoo/conditioner/body wash, I find myself looking for kajal, mascarra a…

L'Oreal Creme Gloss- Dark Chocolate (323)

I thought I'd try my hand at a product review & the product in question is the new shade 323 (Dark Chocolate) from L'Oreal.

How I bought it: At Health & Glow

$$$: Rs 425

Comments: There were plenty of 'test for allergy' warnings all over the box. Was kind of hard to miss the warning, but I did not heed it as I had used the product (not the same shade) before. Application was easy, and the instructions are very simple and can be followed to the letter. The smell, the texture and all the tools provided were perfect, very honestly, I love using L'Oreal hair colour more because of the ease, as I can do it myself at home. After washing out the dye, the hair was also glossy and bouncy, which made me feel less guilty about colouring it.

What I was not happy with, was the end result: the colour. It was very close to the actual shade of my hair, which I'd always thought was black. The product seemed to make my hair blacker than before, as opposed to the chocolate …