15 June 2006


Long stick. Hauled over. Someone's back. At the end. A polka dotted bundle. Sings a whistle. Whistles a song.

Pweet weet Puweet I am going home soon. Yay Yay Yay.

Out jumps a rabbit.

- Home abound eh sweet richie?

'Someone' puts a bundle down to say

- ah yes missus.

- and where is this?

- the dusty road place.

-oh and who will u see when u get home?

- why? 'said Someone,' everyone I know.

- and i presume you like them all and miss them?

Someone steps back a take. Takes back a step.

- gee actually no.

-no yes?

-yes- I know.

- then why?

- To.. well, go home ofcourse. Everyone likes living out somewhere and then going home.

- that's true.

- Yea. Plus I've got holidays.

- Ah yea. Holiddays at home are fun. Where are you from though.. on your way to.. but from?

- Oh the house on the other end of the ocean.

- The ocean! You've seen it huh?!

- Ah yes, my 'place outside' home faces the sea.

- the sea? right there?! outside ur window!

- Yes.. and in the mornings I like to drink my whatever, looking through the window at the ocean and the sea and where they meet. My partner joins me, and we watch the waves as they come and go. Every morning.

- Oh and you have a love?!

- oh yes, kind, good looking and magical really.

- Magical huh. Never heard that one used before.

- But believe it.

- believing is seeing. seeing is believing. believing is seeing what we want to see. we want magical we see magical, we believe magical and we breathe magical, but magical i believe so i see. true, must be true.

- Yes, but anyways should be on my way then now. Home abound ahoy!

- well say hello the the friends for me hey!

- friends? oh yes friends, don't know any more where they are though.

- ah well, can always make more of them there huh.

- yea that's true.

- you have friends elsewhere though, don't you?

- yea got a couple. Gems really, jewells.

- magical first, precious stones next. Ocean view before, then amazing really this place your from.

- yes, but now i've got to be going home really.

- why though?

- it's the holidays. that's what a home is for isn't it, to go home during the holidays. If there were no home, then there wouldn't be any holidays.

- yea that's true. oh well...

the rabbit puts his ears up in a twist

-mmm well i should be on my way.

- well i guess have a good journey.

-yea, yea i will. I mean i should.

- and have a nice time there too.

- yea i should too. once i get there that is, journey's aren't too kind on me though.

-never on anybody really, and yea don't worry abt the friends and all that you'll be missing though.

- yea i won't.

- and ur magical partner too.. should be there still when you get back.

- yea yea true. should still be there. it's I who won't though.

- yea. but only because everyone says go home, and well we gotta go home when everyone says go home.

- yea but i do wonder who everyone, everybody is.

- well everybody could be anybody.

- and anybody could be everybody.

- yea and they say go home, it's the holidays...

- so i wil go home.

- do you want it though?


Anonymous said...

hmmm, i see u're open to comments. cool!
i read this n i could not stop laughin! one word man, GO HOME ALREADY!!! HAHAHAHAAHHAAHAHAHAAAAAHHAHAAHAAAHAHAHAHAAAA


dD.Diyana said...

some ppl are just plain rude, aren't they sabi?
i'm one of those who will stop u from leaving.