08 March 2006


U know know in ur heart that they're nice, but everything and everyone tells u otherwise. And sometimes, just those rare moments, i think thoughts that are unkind, that suggest that maybe everyone else is right.

And it's wrong, because no one needs or deserves to be judged.

They might judge you but u may not judge them, because to become someone you dislike is to become some what lesser than what you yourself could be.

And that is what i do not want to do, so I apologize, i don't judge,

You may claim i'm being taken advantage off..

I may be

But to be lesser than what i can be, to loose respect for myself is worse for me..

than to be held by the neck by the hands of the cruel capitalistic exploiters

All at once, I am selfish, eager to be fed,
to suckle my own nipples, because all at once i am self made

I am mine alone, and I am I. And for that to be stolen, is greater a crime than any other
that i can think of.