06 March 2006

Holler Over

One of those things that are always gonna put a smile of my face is getting a mail from long lost friends.. or the ones who are not so lost just lazy.. but i'm not blaming them.. it seems to take me close to forever before i hit the reply button, and even longer to get the compose button.. thing.. button? *tripping*

And Andrea just sounded real excited sitting opposite me, "NETWORK'S BACK!"... see how important communication is.. one day of no Digi, and i freaked.. . i couldn't reach Bhav or Nik.. relying on Aaron's eye sight to find them, collectively collaborating to find the people we hold so close to us. Like i knew my mothers call would be the first to get my phone..and Jane calling me to tell me that my mother was trying to get to me.. how did Jane get to me, I wonder..

And what is it about mothers where they seem to pick the day the network stops (really, how rare does that happen) to get worried. I imagine my mother to be a little brown bee, buzzing around the glass window... the bee doesn't understand the concept of windows says Nik...so my mother doesn't understand the concept of how the network can be down. So when the window does open, she comes cascading through buzzing around my ears, and I swat her away.. thinking to myself, how insignificant her worries are.

But really, if it's so insignificant, why does it make me smile every time a friend from so far away, from so long ago pops right back into my life with an e-mail, a call or just a hello? Mothers have lived longer, they might not be up to date on the latest around the world, but when their world becomes us, they'd damned well like to know what's happening with us. Whilst it does freak me out, it's reassuring. Cause if no one called, if no one thought I was significant, then I wouldn't be.

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dD.Diyana said...

well, at least your mother makes the attempt of calling around to get to you.

that's how mothers are.
they worry, sometimes over things
we think that are insignificant of.

it annoys us, i must not doubt that.

but at least we have mothers who do give a shit.

don't we just love them at the end?

i'd worry too if u were to be on a bus back from ur "home" to "here",
and not inform me..well, ok ,not THAT worry la..u know how to chase a MAT REMPIT away , right?