29 March 2006


Went for my first play yesterday.. absurd theatre's always been life threatening to me. And well, that's all i want to say about the play.. unles i ought to mention that the director looks very young. But apart from that, the night was good after being lost in the Kl's maze-roads.. we got there just in time to be warned by the steward of the night.. telling us that the play's gonna start soon and we ought to run for it..

craned in the back row to see the actors on stage.. i just kept staring at the lights.. there are so many of them and they'd have to work so diligently to know which room is lit when.. but then again, that's probably what rehearsals are for.

Dinner then followed at eleven, at Murni in SS2.. such a girly nite.. lemme repeat girly girly nite.. and for once it didn't mean Ladies Night in some club. Looking forward to more plays.. just need the company.. I have one, and then i have another.. and then one more.. if i alternate them carefully hopefully none of em will get sick of plays or me for that matter...

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dD.Diyana said...

i have my own version of comment on the play.
cccccccheck it out!.

p/s: i'll never get bored of play if there's you around.unless if,of course.
u start arguing about it.