24 November 2005

when days are measured by movies

One job application down.. with one reply n request for a Cv.. which is appt diff to a resume...

two main reasons they are different is 1) because a resume is usually meant to be one page long, short and concisel; u don't get to write mini stories in a CV bt they do get to be as looong as u want them to be, n u can write all u want abt ur achievements, frm scholaship offers that u mite have gotten to wt not..

now that that's over with.. the formatting for it is the same, and with the subtitles n what not.. ok this has gotten boring.. so a run down of the past week..

wed: Emily Rose with DD

thu: Harry Potter with Nik

fri nite- Q bar with the booty campers, outside with a couple of beers

Sat nitse- the airport n then Q bar again.. inside with schizophernic music; one side has techno the other side has rap-pop music, stole a shot glass for amusement, n then watched robo man in action..

sun- true fitness n souled out n orange- woohooo to the flower.. that i seem to have lost again!

mon- movie nite movie nite- Zorro- be prepared for Son of Zorro (high annoying and pain in the ass kid who keeps getting into trouble and really shud be disciplined!)

tue- times square and the raaaiiideess.. wohooooo!!!!! amazingly chilly and amazingly pleasantly nice n the kids section is a cross btw john whyndam's day of the triffids sci fi depiction and well, charlie and the choco factory colours..

wed- Slob's day in.. the electricity went out at 4 in the morn.. din come back till abt 6 in the evening (when farah, after observing the fellas put the cables in for a while cz she was sooo bored and interested at the same time- detailed pics of the excavation will be on her blog soon- www.ownspace/me@blogspot.com) bt for me, i just slept most of the day, got up tried to make plans.. watch the attempt flush itself down the drain.. then made plans to watch a movie at nite, that failed because of shitty cramps.. came back, watched beauty and the beast (yes i am obsessed, fell asleep and got up today.. prlly go back to sleep in a bit)

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