13 November 2005

One week

I'm free... have a wide reading plan/objective, shit loads of laundry to do amongst so many other things at this point of time.. bt i wanna take a time out for myself.. thinking about running off to pyramid right now and jes chilling at the movies on my own,.. watching amelie rose.. or was it emily rose on my own.. the last such movie was jeepers creepers..

wt else do i want to do?

well spent most of yesterday sleepin and wit nik.. made up for the week of shit shit and more shit.. there, that's what i want to do.. live through the past week again.. i dunno wt i would change..prlly not a lot..

as for the two taht i was working with.. i think we did an amazing job, i knw there were tensions here and there, and perhaps there were times when ppl thought one was doin more than the other, or that some were taking it more seriously than the others.. bt for the past week.. ha ha i dn thikn i can think of having done this project with a better bunch of ppl.. ha ha we couldve all jes had a massive bitch fight because of the pressure.. :)

so yes, we're done..

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