15 November 2005


Went on a solo trip to kl today.. visited central market (gosh they do have very pretty masks that are sooo friggin buyable) and petaling street.. hunting for that shop where i got this tiny kuan yin minarate abt a year ago.. cdn find it.. because the place where the shop used to be has now turned into a clothes store.. walked arnd kota raya, the mariyaman temple, visited kedai buku POPULAR; 'the most popular english book store in the whole of CHINA TOWN'- as far as tooting slogans go, this out to be a winner, wanted to pass by metrojaya as well, bt it looked like it was gonna rain so decided to head home

it was fun. on my own, after so long i realized i think i missed the company of myself. getting lost, walking into stores n walking out a min later with nothing to amuse me, nt having to wait for someone else's amusement with some obscure thing within the store to run out before being able to leave. Din evn have time to hunt out the flower shops so that i cld buy some back. i decided that if petaling street were to become a flavor of ice cream or lollypop- there are two main competing flavors i think-
roasted chesnuts
and salty sweat
especially with the blue overhead plastic ceilings, i cannot help bt feel like i'm in some green house- oooh reminds me saw some very pretty bonzai trees as well. So when i came home, i was happy abt being so aimless. Am i that bored? Not really, i think i have the time to waste time now. And where else to spend it but in the heart of kl.. i swear so many faces, so many ppl frm so many walks of life all merged under one mesh.. like fish caught in the net.. ha ha ha..

and something else got me thinkn- when it comes to living together, i understand that when new ppl move in, it is the duty of the older ppl to let them be comfortable and get used to living out here alone.
but where does one draw the line- i mean, older ppl too are used to a particular style of living n as far as allowance for the newbies is concerned it ought to be a given that u give in.. bt past a point it doesnt take long to realize that in giving so much allowance u tend to loose urself to the process.. so when the kitchen floor is dirty u mop it... thn it gets dirty again.. u mop it until after a while u wonder..wait a minute.. wt happened to compromise~?

part 3- i hear that a certain someone has invaded the other blog. i ought to be writing this in there, bt bth are the same to me. wt happened to privacy? are u that desperate to get inside one person's mind that u have to resort to petty invasions of that person's blog? ugh- love comes hard, love leaves hard.. it's an ocassion to be man enough and show wt ur made off.. nt resort to petty invasions..ugh.. shutting down the options, nt opening up ne doors..

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