27 November 2005

And oscar wilde wrote picture of dorian gray

i love me

no seriously, i've decided i'm very very self conceited can't say i'm nt happy abt being so self involved.. to be honest at this point i don't even knw wt is making me say all these things about my self..


anyways.. went out last night.. happy birthday abdullah again.. and well for the first time actually fell asleep in the club.. can't say that that has ever happened to me before.. and yea.. decided that perhaps at the same time perhaps i'm getting too old to do this lets get wasted nonsense.. no really.. altho i wanna take my words back, because i knw that there will be many more special occasions for which i will be required to do what i just dissed..

bt yea for the record.. I"M IN LOVE!!!!! (And yes, I wrote it here, before I told you...to continue, yes, CLICK)

avec moi!

su su..

1 comment:

dD.Diyana said...

in that case,
like wise.
u love u,
i love me.

but then again.
i'm more of a narcissist
than u
because i'm (stil) SINGLE.

hah !