26 October 2005


Yayyy I'm p-o-p-u-l-a-r!! *swish swish*~ pom poms in the air!

Me da shit...woohooo!

he he.. the rainy weather today left puddles in which frogs left their eggs..they're hatching now into inconsequential lil tadpoles that swim in the ocean that will soon be dried out. Much like plants grow in sunlight, some puddles dry up faster under this light, whilst others wait for more rain to come.

And let there be light (esp in the spirit of deepavali).. or rather sunlight.. die tadpoles dieee! (HA HA HA HA) cz thr is none to say sorry, and none to remove no postings.. ur 15 seconds of fame is done with.. thanks so much for lingering on and on, but like a guest who stays long after the coffee has turned cold or like the toilet that stinks n needs to be flushed clean (off wt i think we all knw~for those who don't, ponder on..) or like chewing gum chewed on for too long that needs to be spit-ted out.. we shall change the issue....


this troubles me.. now i wonder if i'm gonna get 7 blog comments.. sigh.. back to the days when Shida n DD were my only true commentators.. gosh i feel like i'm goin through a break up.. bye u ppl who hate me... i did enjoy ur company...tatas!


I had Sri Lankan food at Kelana Jaya.. friggin spicy.. left my tummy burnin.. bt u knw i tihnk i can survive Sri Lanka pretty well.. sigh.. i wanna learn how they make their brinjals.. yuMMy!!

Wt else.. Arun has a crush on DD i think.. we went to Pink today and i sed bye to him.. got no response.. DD said bye to him.. he sed "BYEEEE".. either that or he's jealous abt u knw who.. ha ha..

Shida i wan ur turqoise pen.. i went to have a look in the bookstore.. they dn have.. i waaaannn!

thts it la.. shall go back to deco-n my room.. it's nice now.. I'm creative I've been told ;)


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Anonymous said...

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Shida said...

Haha, u want my turqoise pen is it? Sorry Sabs, I kinda like it, u knw me n that colour but I will keep a look out for it when I go to the bookshop next time.
Arun has a crush huh? Thats cute. Mayb he will let us bring outside food if we go with DD next time. Hmmm....
My, my, you r truly popular these days huh? Anyways, I cant b bothered to respond to anything right now. EXAM STRESS!!! Yes, you can tell me I told you so for chosing Contem. But u knw I will hav ur back no matter wat. So thats that, Im off to go mug.

scratch that itch off patiently said...

turqoise is my favorite color at the moment.


stop picking on me with that arun.