16 October 2005

Twi-Zone Sunday

I want music right now.. the one running through my head is the one that Diyana drums out...do do do do.. the one that's essentially C 103's version of music that ought to accompany 'twilight zone'- what the 'twilight zone' means to me

1. the engineering lab
2. waking up on sunday to wonder where the hell saturday went..

had a twi-zone moment..got up today..went over to the comp, saw msg frm nik.. 'am here studyin'.. called.. n he goes.. bt 'wait i was there, but yesterday'.. i remember sleepin a lot.. a lot lot lot.. thn woke up to help cook, ate.. went back to sleep a lot lot lot.. n i realized taht that's where saturday went.. that was my yesterday! Gee i'd think i'm slowly sinking into slob-ness bt i think as evn thinking of the upcoming weeks freaks the shit outta me.. it's allrite.. my way of wishin n hopin tht to sleep through it is to ignore it until it goes away.. bt then again, since when did that concept work when it comes to exams?

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