04 October 2005

Pasar Day

Just came back frm the pasar malam.. it's strange how after just three visits to the pasar, we know how much veggie one dollar is meant to purchase... i think me n DD n Farah have something to be proud off.. i bought santan!!! I'm gonna make coconut milk everything.. ha ha

and spent the past couple of days looking for this pink flower and it's name.. cdn find it.. bt i remember this convo wit a fren abt a mth ago.. a point was made.. and i think it was proven a while ago huh.... i think i'm talkin in circles.. so i shall shut up

made an ass out of myself today.. woke up late for a meeting that is a whole week away.. felt rather silly fr doin so.. cz i rushed to class and saw no one there.. malu la.. bt nvm.. ppl make mistakes rite.. ha ha

n yea that was my day n guess wt.. the roller coaster is goin up up up... :)

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