04 October 2005

Off Fights

i'm in a big bubble..

and there was a threat to burst that bubble.. the household finally went crazy on the new chick.. and well.. i think we were all justified.. and basically there were some emotional outbursts in the house.. shouting.. wt her frens term as harassment.. well so we harassed her.. (although i do not think we did~if attempting to talk out problems is considered harassing though, i suppose we did).. i say we when really, i mean them.. because ha ha i slept through the whole thing.. i am proud of myself and my body's survival instinct... i really am.. :)

Bt for wt it's worth.. glad we kindda stuck it out together y'll.. cz i mean.. she really needed a lil slap on the face n i'm glad none of us went there.. and new girl if ur reading it.. really stop self pitying urself.. cz i think wt dd sed made a whole lot of sense.. shut ur eyes and jes look arnd u and u'll see there are many things that u shd be thankful for that ur nt.. understandable that music cn give ppl headaches, bt nt at volumes that are hardly -hearable- and u knw wt.. running away frm ur probs is good.. bt ur running away frm urself because u are the site of the problems.. faham?

BAck to bubble lannd... weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

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me said...

"shut ur eyes and jes look arnd u"

and how is one supposed to do that?

the whole point of living with different people in one house is to meet new people and get along with them. it's not for you to form alliances and then go and gang up on 'new chicks' - by the way she DOES have a name - and then forcibly invoke your own opinions and insist that they are right. there are always two sides to every story, and just because the music was soft to you (uh possibly because you weren't even conscious) doesn't mean it wasn't loud to anyone else. so don't go picking on anyone you like. the girl didn't go and make a whole fuss that the radio was loud, she just said politely that it was loud and was giving her a headache. so next time if she starts playing loud music don't you dare and go and accuse her that it's loud and that you have a headache.