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Off Fights 3

The more u write in here, the more responses u will get from me on my blog. I've allready given u the option on e-mailing me.

If u think ur threatening me, in reply to that i have one thing to say, bring it on.

frankly, freedom of speech is for everyone. And if u think i do not knw that u've told JZ what i told u, there is a reason i haven't mentioned it to u until now.
It's called freedom of speech. And mebbe also i dn give a shit :)

And as for me removing my blogs.. ha ha it's called blog entries deary, no i won't.
Like i sed, do wt u want to do abt it.
And there's another one, called Soundari that also makes a reference to u n ur ways.
So really there are three entries dedicated to u, aren't u just too pleased?

And ur not here to make enemies.. then how come u have so many.. ?

Ai i'm just wasting time wit u.. i shan't do ne more of that. I have exams, so do please wish me some luck.


Shida said…
Hey Missy,
Do u even knw the purpose of a blog? Its for u to bitch abt whatver u want. Like Sabi said freedom of speech. Ever heard of it? So don't go arnd telling ppl what they shd and shdnt write in their entries. Because u have no right.
As for Mr Michael and the Sunway admin, Im quite sure they have better things to do than deal with your petty issues. So don't go arnd threatening DD and Sabi.
I have one advise for you, GROW UP!! Stop running to Mummy and Daddy whenever u break a nail. It doesn’t work in the real world. Also ever stopped long enough to think perhaps u are the problem? Everyone has been living in that house in harmony till u came along. A point for u to ponder on.
With all being said, good luck for exams Sabi. U to DD (although I don’t knw u).
Anonymous said…
Things are going from bad to worse. Yes, it is a world with freedom of speech, but that comes along with the truth. I believe no one will remain quiet when they are bitched about in blog entries. THIS IS SO STUPID!!! Asking others to grow up, and yet..?? Bitching about others in blog entries is a very matured action taken?! Before you start commenting on others, look at your own back first. If the accused remains silent, you will start a whole new story saying she was at fault as she kept her mouth shut. When she stands up for herself, it is wrong for you, too? Always remember, GOD is watching. There is no point lying and making yourself sound so good and getting people to support you, when that person was not even at the scene. At most, you would have fed her with your side of the story. Of course she will be on your side. You are securing yourself a business class seat in HELL. It's obvious. You people are so immatured. You are making a tiny problem like this seem like the worst murder case ever occured. SILLY!!

I suggest you people TALK about the problem. Not accuse the other party and keep saying the ownself is right.

And i don't see any problem if she goes to her parents. If you people use your brains, that is IF you people have any, you should realise that if we can solve every problem ourselves, we wouldn't need lawyers. It's the 21st century and we DO have lawyers. If you think you are right, give the world a suggestion, that we don't need any more lawyers, everyone can stand up for their ownselves. Only then, will the accused stand up for herself without any back up. Actually, i think you people are afraid that she might take the matters to the authority.

Last but not least, to please your eyes, as you said, freedom of speech : YOU PEOPLE ARE FUCKING BITCHES!!!

=) Have a pleasant day bitching and fucking around.
Shusheda said…
i just dont seem to understand why the writer b4 me seemed to be offended at everything. Its not like ur the involved one, are u?

Well yes, God is watching and yes bad people go to hell but we have no right to judge who has the confirmed seat or under the waiting list. maybe making judgement will even put us in the top priority in confirmed seat.

in any case,

"You are making a tiny problem like this seem like the worst murder case ever occured. SILLY!!"

i agree. this is a small problem. but i still dont understand why the writer has to make it sound so much of a big one with lawyers and what nots.

Freedom of speech, yes, but if u must state a point do it nicely and ppl might consider ur thoughts. its like first impression counts or something.

i may not be involved in this but i do hope everybody will just drop the subject and get going. it just disgusts me how ppl get can so involved with conflicts ONLINE.

I mean, its not like Badawi or Bush is reading this right? It wont affect her testimonial what nots right?

Plus, if the writer finds the blogger immature, writing back or even bothering to response to any of her entries just shows that the writer herself supports that immaturity. which thus directly means the writer herself is immature.

just for the record, i dont think im that mature. nor am i immature. just thought i can share a piece of my mind.

or and one thing.

I think lawyers are for weak, stupid and cowardly ppl. IF you're talking abt those handling petty issues.. yes. "Stupid small matters also need lawyers help meh?"

But if ur talking abt big legal matters like asset distribution and murder cases, lawyer is definitely a must.

Bottomline, cmon ppl. Stop.
Anonymous said…
woah woah.. there is no need to get rude by swearing.. apparently you believe in God, what would He think of you using language like that?
everyone has a right to voice their opinions.. that much I agree, and I'm sure Sabi does too.. but once you get vicious then you've crossed the line..
this is the author's personal material.. just like how any author has the right to publish a book that may not please everyone.. there are thousands of blogs blasting President Bush, governments, public figures and such.. you don't see them sueing every blogger do you?
voice your opinions and stand up for yourself, but if don't like what's being said then don't read the blog.. and it's not 'cool' either to gang your buddies up to post malicious comments on someone else's intelletual property.. that's similar to hacking and spamming, and a smart person like you would know that actually is illegal..
blogs are meant to be an open outlet for the author.. don't ruin the concept by being bitter..
scratch the itch off patiently said…
hahaha i can't help laughing reading all this.

give me more ! give me more!
Anonymous said…
Ooh ye...nampak cam ada sekumpulan manusia bodoh yang berkelahi...bagus bagus...Kalo nak gaduh, pi lah gaduh kat tepi jalan ke...boleh gak tentukan sapa menang sapa kalah...Gaduh cam ni, bukanny sapa sapa dapat manfaatnya...Guna lah hotak kepala tu betul betul. Bodoh siot! Pelajar uni konon.
Anonymous said…
Woah woah, i believe god wouldn't mind me using bad words when it's necessary. You don't worry bout that. By writing this, i am not securing myself a seat in hell. Good news for you, the more seats for you to choose from. =)
"blogs are meant to be an open outlet for the author.. don't ruin the concept by being bitter.." I thought it was all about freedom of speech? I am voicing my opinion freely. Thanks to you guys man.. =)
scratch the itch off patiently said…
eh people .
tak best aaaa.
use ur names aa.
or create one.
using anynomous mmg tak best mm k.

anymore ?
ahhh c'mon ppl !!!!

*sitting down with a bag of pop corn in my hand*

Sabitha said…
to anonymous one..

I haven't talked abt the 'scene' at all dumbass, read then write.

U dn like wt i write, then dn fuckin read.

I dn believe in God; bt i don't twist the words of God either, neither do i pretend to know what he thinks.

Talking abt the problem is nt wt i want to do now. AS a matter of fact, even the first blog entry has passed it's duration on the blog. I believe the opportunity has come n gone.

So there's nthin wrong with goin to parents, because thats wt we have lawyers for.. that sentence doesn't make sense, i do not understand.

I've allready said, take it to the authority if you so wish, that's how scared ppl sound to u?

And if u interpret using swear as part of freedom of speech, let me say this to you. Go get surgery cz there's something up ur ass that went n died..or this, scratch that itch on ur bum cz honestly, u have a serious disorder called 'i think i'm cool cz i can say FUCK YOU BITCHES on someone else's blog using my anonymity as a protection cz really, i like to show everyone that i'm too polite to say the F word'.

The end sweet heart, n abt fucking arnd; i think u do it better so why not give me lessons.

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