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Ms Zadia, if it is u that is wrote me a reply..

ganging up, alliances, two sides to every story... no alliances, no ganging up (as i have been told there was only one or two main characters involved in the story).. well either ways.. i suppose it's probably an adept description of what u felt.. how can u say there are two sides to every story when one side decided to be silent or rather not present to explain.. can u blame me for having a one sided outlook when u didn evn bother to explain urself to ne one here?

not that u should have to explain urself to a whole gang of ppl.. bt when u din, can u still expect us to be balanced?

i picked on u? really? he he sorry, i wasn't aware.

and in reference to the music.. did u ever wonder whether it was more thn the music to the whole issue? How abt frens inside the room when the 'other' person was sleeping.. sorry i dont remember how late it was until.. how abt being on the phone till god knws when, with who ever at odd times of the night.. ever wonder if the 'other' person found u noisy? yea she din tell u.. bt ha ha heard of sumthin called courtesy? n in our lil talk i think i did mention it, yes??

and ur tellin me the point of living together is to meet ppl n get along with them- this after i've been out for close to three years with nt a fight to my credit? Gee thanks, i really did not knw why we live together, always thought it was to gang up on new girls n well make our mundane lives more interesting..

and abt her playin loud music, i do hear her music on this side of the room.. more now that ur gone, and i happen to like it, so no i dn think i wld 'dare' to ask her to put the volume down.. cz i enjoy it, thank u very much.

shut ur eyes and look around u means these things~ (since u asked)~

1. be considerate to the ppl arnd u. i'm nt sayin ur evil, i'm sayin ur selfish.. and dont mistake me again, thts nt a bad thing, i am that too. Just maybe before u point ur fingers at other ppl, n the world arnd u, look at wt u've done wrong as well. That goes for me, for u, for ur roomate..who ever.

2. be nice- to those who do care abt u. Leaving 'her' outside ur room, asking for how ever long she did to be let inside the room (so much so, let me tell u that even the gaurd of the hotel without us tellin him ne thing commented u needed a good spanking cz u were spoilt- hey he sed it not me-). really, it's btw ur her n urself- bt yes, since u asked it includes this too.

3. the world doesn't revolve arnd u, u are nt the center. Learn how to take criticism wit grace, sometimes, everything a person says abt u isn't bad, neither is it meant to hurt u, it's meant to be constructive. If it does, it shows ppl the other person included how unsure of urself u are.

Thanks for leaving a comment here, bt i'd rather nt prefer to air dirty laundry in the public domain. if u are ok wit this, do comment back here, if u are nt, send me an e-mail. i believe u have my address. If u have nthin to say for urself (a.k.a. running away) then that's fine too. which by the way is the reason i dun have ur name here, and its strange u comment on urself, or on her behalf- who ever this is, n yet u urself do not dare leave ur name in here. be proud of wt u believe, and stand up to the decision u made.

Lastly, u disgust me.

and no i dn know it all :)


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Anonymous said…
Hahahahahahahaha. Those two guys above me put it perfectly.

Anyway...catfiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight! Where's my camera?
Anonymous said…
I didn't write that my friends who really really know who I am said are totally wrong about me! What disgusts me is that you people have absolutely no remorse for what you all did to me! And top of that you publish lies and crap on the internet, you better delete those two “off fights”, blogs or you will have a formal complaint against you for slander and D.d. for harassment; I am not kidding…if all the comments and the two blogs aren’t removed by tomorrow you guys are going to be in big trouble, whatever I did doesn’t matter because I didn’t do anything cruel or uncivilized…

My parents will seriously send an official complaint to Mr. Michael and Sunway administration by the weekend trough e-mail if necessary, I am sure they will not encourage “harassment”, unless you want a record continue to post that blog, I didn’t come there to make enemies, okey? If shieda can’t open her mouth without spitting out vile…it’s not my problem. and like shieda did I ever complain about your smoking? I didn’t like it but what can I do just get along…im sure shieda didn’t like my whateva but hey, at least I said sorry, I had other issues to deal with. I wasn’t just a rude weird itch like her, she never even attempted to make a conversation, I was always friendly with her till she screamed at me in the presence of my friend Sumee, you can ask her if she fudging noticed. You know what why the hell did you have to go tell shieda whateva? It was non of your fudging business…you made things worse.

Other than that I have noting to say I’m sure you people realize your own faults, if not burn in hell.

I do not intend to make enemies, but you started it…remove your stupid blogs and we can maintain a respectable distance without D.d. getting in trouble 4 harrasement n you for slander. I haven’t runaway! I came to the MUFY program late…2 difficult to catch up. I am coming back and all I want is peace…if you want to be a bitch that fine witch me too but I’ll make sure you 2 pay 4 it!
Anonymous said…
err, u need to learn how to use the word harassment my dear.
I did not harass or bully you or whatever.
You yelled at me even before you tell the whole story to me.

and i've warned you of my loud voice.

Like I said, it's been in your mind.You've had issues, you put in mind how you can't cope in class instead of MAKING THE EFFORT to at least try to make it to class.

when you've put negative things in your mind even BEFORE u enter anywhere at all, anything positive will be a negative thing.

This is her blog.In other word it's an internet diary/journal.She may write anything she pleases and if anyone at all are offended, they shall do it PROFESSIONALLY. not threathening her like she's some little kid.

" open your eyes and look around you."

I guess it's a normal thing in human for making up comments after they've seen/receieved/encountered a bad first impression from someone.

and i won't be suprised if you are to respond to this particular comment anyway.

p/s :
there's nothin wrong for being humble, really :)
Anonymous said…
I must say I came across this blog and found it quite interesting, especially on the comments made since it seemed to have a reference on particular people.

My view of this is, as the "scratch the itch of patiently" stated that this is a personal blog/diary, so people have every right to write what they feel or think. Its like what u (who is the accused in this entry), would have written as when u were a kid. For example, people who u admired, disliked and in others words, who were mean to you.

I also came across the parent thing, and in which case if u are not able to handle your issues like an adult, and by yourself, I think it is time u grew up !!! because the only one who can fend for you is yourself, and no one else. So like a baby learning to walk, start taking the first step...

And as an individual, we all have faults and we all make mistakes, the high road is accepting the fact that u are NOT PERFECT, and you have probably made a mistake along with who ever else is involved and first solving your issues and bad faults (honestly) before deciding to point the finger to others.

Hope u take the time to learn from situations, and move ahead in life, not go further away from the future into the stone ages.
Anonymous said…
all i can say it that...

let this be an experience for both of u. let it slide and learn from mistakes.

both of you. or rather whoever is involved since i think there is another one involved.

i believe this happened quite awhile ago, no? Then why not just let it go and move on rather than making it worse?

If everybody stops, then nobody willl "burn in hell".


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