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Mistress of the Ocean

The sea is lit by moonlight.. the waves lap gently along the shore and within themselves the waves meet eachother rising up to a swell... a swell of emotions, they rise, they fall.. only to meet else with other laps, travelling far n wide.. they swell, they rise and they fall...

It's not the glistening of sunlight, it's the pale moonshadow lit by the subtlest light.. like yellow light on pearls in the middle of the night.... they lay on the dark shore line.. they lay.

Two girls, side by side, faces facing eachother. Both harmonising with the night, one paling within the moon shadow, the other reflecting the pale light. Both ragged, with eyes closed, their mouths so close to one another, they seem to be breathing each others breath. In a night of contrasts, one inhaled the others exhalations.


It wasn't that she didn't love her. It wasn't that she didn't need her. It was just that she needed him more, loved him better. How? How can she understand this dark desire to be near him, it is dark.. for he is loved by another.


Mornings come as they go, nights come pass by unoticed, time stops bt for a few seconds, and in those few seconds he thinks of the sweaty nights of love's labour lost to guilt.

Her thoughts were never known. Her feelings were untouched by the sympathy of another's ear. She lies, blending into the night, with her brutus. She is the mistress of the ocean. As the days secrets are told to the shore line by the waves in silent whispers.. she will whisper out the silent pain of the knife on her back to no one who will understand her.
And as the vast ocean drags her body in, leavin that of moonlight on the beach for the birds to catch, she is enveloped, the mistress of the ocean, as she embodies what the ocean knows that the rocks on the side of the shore line do not.


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