29 October 2005

Messy Affairs of beauracracy

If someone wanted to talk abt slavery to a slave would he be willing to talk about it- yes?

on our way in a bit to Pink Triangle an NGO group that is apparently working on behalf of transexuals and their awareness of AIDS. We've tried the telephone, where they redirected us to another man; gave us his e-mail address, and we wrote him an e-mail and what happens to us? He doesn't at all reply.

See i don't understand how the so called champions of the awareness of transexuals can accuse society of sidelining them, and discriminating against them, when really they aren't open and act so defensive when there is someone who would like to include themselves onto the so called cause.

But yes, we're gonna barge into the home office when we find it and hope that we can get an interview at the least.
That would be wishing us good luck

Apart from that HAPPY DEEPAVALI and HAPPY RAYA to everyone out there, celebrating himself.

Home for the hols :)


dD.Diyana said...

happy divali.
shit ur not here.
i hate it when ur back in bentong.

Shida said...

Happy Deepavali!!!