19 October 2005


Memory as entrapment.. memory as a static force that stagnates the person remembering.. memory as something that we remember as we wld like for it to be, not as it is or rather as was.. memory as being decietful and untrue to the real

what is memory? it idealises- the people who we love or loved and how they used to be, or how it used to be wit them

what is memory? it protects- ourselves from the harm that we did to those same ppl that we now remember as doin harm to us

what is memory? it remembers- we learn frm remembering, maybe what we eventually imagine is what we learn frm (as opposed to learning frm what really happened) but learning we do none the less.

If u n i were put in a white wall surrounding us, it coming in n closing on us, it isn't entrapment- why?
because entrapment is that which makes us satisfied, and leaves us to rot in the stagnant state of unhealty movement, or lack there of.. the walls closing in, makes u wanna jump at them and break them down into tiny morsels of what used to be a sturdy brick wall.. how could that be, except perhaps in the literal sense..

If all this is gibberish, then why don't u let urself go?

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