16 October 2005

Imortalidade impossível

Like slime on the sides of drains, u stick to me, u bother me n u piss the shit outta me with the things u do and say. Bt then and u say sorry to which i say ok.. n let u stick to me, nt wash u off bt let u stay and watch n wait for the day when i can say i let u do all this to me because truly i do care for all that u do because really it's just like u to do the things u do n ne less will only just dissapoint me. :)

Brief wind on a sunny day hot sweltering heat that makes my ears throb ice cube down a hot back running and melting with the heat of sweaty skin i play with words make sentences u play with words make sense bt for the lack of origin imma gonna say i'd be lost in an anomie of relations friends passerbys n spitball ex's there's no one of u theres three of us we phase in n phase out of eachother like overlappin set circles in math nt concentrated love like light through a microscope would make fire on a dead leaf bt free flowing random atoms of the brownian motion we collide into and into eachother nt fr the fear of moving on bt fr the proximity of the direction that we are being pulled into like in a vacuumn never ending love- what is that?
it is the feelin i get when travellin roads we visited before.. the long road home to cheras frm bangsar never felt good, bt wt u gone it feels like a piece of bliss cut out frm the big pie of memory we baked for ten, 11 odd years
empty nite outs filled wit meaning thoughts that fermented being let out to form beautiful alcoholic ecstacy we get high talkin n exchanging realizing for the first time we are so different when we really grew together and this i remember everytime i eat out in the joints we haunted n remember now like drunken nite outs
glutony n excess in the love i hold for the two of u.. i commit my sins with the pleasure of the wanton woman inviting her nightly visitors over the gloomy shadow figures cast out by the wet red light...missing u more thn the thirsty traveller stranded on a piece of wood in the salty ocean bt lesser than one holding his bladder on a long drive along the polluted high way.. so see i do love u guys, just have trouble every now n then expressing myself...


Imortalidade impossível


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dD.Diyana said...

i'm so sorry for u.
u write so much and end up having all these spammers commenting onto ur blog.

*bitchy laugh*.

ok ok . i'll read this when i'm back from the bazaar.

yes okayyyyyyyyy i'll read it out loud ! blergh.

dD.Diyana said...

that was sweet.
although it had a very long way to get to what u were trying to say.
overall, it's sweet.


for the love of best friends, thicker love than the love you have for your boyfriends, or your husband or whoever are those man you said you love.